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Management Services in three Steps: Decode; Design; Develop

Diagnostic Mentoring comprises a three-step learning-based approach and a diagnostic toolbox to decode, design and develop game changing agile capabilities for the new way to operate in this volatile era.

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Diagnostic Mentoring


The Agility Insights Diagnostic


We combine up to 100 factors, unlimited participants, multiple languages, 60 clustering options and multiple reports into tailored project offerings for a variety of benefits:

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Agility Insights AG


Founded in 2002 by CEO Lukas Michel, Agility Insights AG works with experienced partners to provide diagnostic mentoring management services for leadership teams around the world.

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Evidence for the need of agile management

90% of organizations fail to execute their strategies (Deloitte)
44% of leaders do not think they are effective in fostering creativity and innovation (DDI)
67% of executive teams admit they are not prepared for customer excellence in a VUCA world (DDI)
33% of the talent capacity is not used in most firms (Agility Insights)
71% of all employees are not fully engaged (Dale Carnegie)

Insights for a closer look


We freely share our models, our unique methodology and our useful think tools.

Our books, numerous extensive publications, frequent keynote speeches, our expert blog and public events document the way we work and why we do what we do.

The Performance Triangle and Management Design are Lukas Michel’s bestselling books.

They guide leaders to manage organizations and developing agility, speed and resilience capabilities to achieve superior performance during turbulent times.

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Agility Insights - Publications

For example, ‘The Performance Triangle: A Model for Corporate Agility’ presents the findings of 10 years of research with over 100 clients in 7 countries across the globe.

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The 'Agile Management Score'


Determine your free ⇒ Agile Management Score!









Review the 7th Global Drucker Forum with photos and videos from Vienna on

The 8. Global Drucker Forum will take place on the 17./18. November 2016 on "The Entrepreneurial Society" again in Vienna.

Several members of our Global Partner Network for Diagnostic Mentoring will be on site.





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